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Visions & Strategy

Schneider. Faster on the market.

In a reliable, intelligent and flexible process

Technical progress and innovation need perfect and fast procedures that turn very good ideas into reality. We at Schneider International have been supporting this process from idea to real product for more than 25 years. Our aspiration is to provide first-class prototyping and small series production using plastics and metal.

Founded in Germany in 1991, we have developed from a pioneer of rapid prototyping into one of the leading international companies in the field of prototyping and small series production. On the basis of validated procedures, high-precision technology and selected materials, our engineering experts at our sites in Europe and Asia produce prototypes and commercial products entirely from a single source.

Fast, reliable, intelligent and flexible – these are the standards that we apply not only when working on our products and solutions but also to ourselves. Apart from the considerable benefits they derive in terms of time and costs, our customers, whether from the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering or the aviation sector, are also able to secure their competitive position in a global market subject to increasingly rapid development.

Our promise to you: “Speeding up your time to market.”