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Schneider Prototyping

Your specialist for prototyping, models and preproduction series in facts and figures

Established as one of the first rapid prototyping companies, Schneider International has developed into an experienced German market leader in prototype construction and an efficient international company with a high awareness of quality. We employ some 80 people in our main plant in Bad Kreuznach / Germany, and approximately 300 employees worldwide at present.

Schneider International was founded in 1991 in Germany, with the first international location following in 2009 in Shanghai / China. In 2015, we established another location in Shenzhen, where we serve our customers and suppliers in South China. Another engineering office was opened in 2016 in the Dong Guan Area.

The year 2009 was also when Schneider International took over and integrated the nationally recognized prototype manufacturer Martello from Poole / United Kingdom into the Schneider Group.

Since 2010, Schneider has been represented in Miskolc / Hungary, a presence which has emerged from the activities of the Hungarian prototype producer Technoplast.

In India, the Schneider Group is headquartered in Delhi and took up its production activities in April 2012. This subsidiary developed from the activities of the Craftech Group. The same year additionally saw the opening of the sales branch in the Indian city of Chennai. Further locations have been established in Pune, Bangalore and Puducherry, while others are in the planning stage.

Finally, in 2014, our engineering and sales office opened in Belgium to service the area in that country and neighbouring Luxembourg.

Other locations in new national markets, especially in Europe, Japan and the USA are currently in various stages of preparation.