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The Company

Schneider Prototyping

Active in the market for over 20 years

We were founded in 1991. At that time, we were one of the first purely prototype producing companies in Europe with some of the most modern Rapid Prototyping manufacturing processes. We have consistently remained amongst the market leaders of the German prototyping industry by introducing new technologies and growing rapidly.

In 2008 a dual strategic realignment occurred. On one side, our clients increasingly relocated their manufacturing sites, as well as they internationalised their research development centers. This involved Central Europe and China in particular, later on also increasingly India. We made the decision to accompany our clients in these endeavours and to become active in these countries too. On the other side, particularly for our large clients, international collaboration between the development centres increased. It made sense to broaden our integration of the new ly established branches with the European product development centres too.

As a result, we have established branches in the UK, in Belgium, Hungary, China and India. Further branches West- and Central Europe, Asia and North America are planned and in various stages of preparation.