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We believe in hidden capacities that can be found in all technologies and in all materials. We strive to fully understand a technology and any areas that may require special attention. How else would we be able to give you competent and experienced advice?

Our know-how enables us to supply you with casting parts in your series production material long before the realization of your series production tools. The parts only differ in form and function from your series production parts as permitted by you in advance in our technical discussion.

We utilize a myriad of casting processes in order to handle our clients’ vast range of part geometries and technical as well as quantitative requirements, which differ greatly depending on their purpose and the stage in which a project is in. All this cannot be covered by only one technology: along with  sand casting in a variety of moulding materials, we also use investment casting, gypsum casting, and die casting.

In an additional process we then inspect the casted parts for their exact geometry and their leak-tightness after which we finally deliver you the finished parts with complete documentation.

We offer these processes for aluminium, magnesium, zinc, cast iron and steel materials and most importantly, in a variety of special alloys.